Bob Reid playing it all with just the right touch









I have hired Bob Reid for my annual holiday party for the last 6 years. He entertains playing solo piano, and accompanying the many instrumentalists and singers at the party. Each of his piano performances show musicality and good taste. I'm also impressed with Bob's uncanny ability to be empathetic to whomever he's playing with. I will continue to enjoy his sensitive musical interpretations this year!
Doriann Forrester
Flutist & Musical Director
Ambiance Flute & Guitar Duo

  During the five years I've had the pleasure of performing with Bob Reid, he has proven to be one of the most professional and versatile musicians I have ever worked with. His range of different musical styles is incredible! He had mastered jazz, the classics, and rock and roll. Bob is also an accomplished songwriter. On stage, he is pure velvet.
John McDonald
Director of Public Affairs
Rothmans Inc.
I attended a 2003 concert featuring Bob Reid and Friends - "A Musical Journey" - at Centre 2000. The quality of the musicianship was excellent. Bob played renditions of compositions by Gershwin, Rogers, and Bill Evans. Along with the music, we were given a little of the history of each composer. This is music we are all familiar with, but the interpretations were wonderful and brought the songs alive again.
Carolyn White

  Bob Reid was a tremendous asset on my recording project "Interaction". He could quickly translate my arranging ideas onto the keyboard in the exact way that I envisioned them. He's a team player all the way and a solid improviser. His funky organ solo on "She Needs a Miracle" totally made the album. I would happily work with him again.
Sean Hully
Performing Artist
I hired Bob Reid to produce a recording of my music. My music was new to Bob, but he quickly picked up the songs. In many cases, he made improvements by suggesting new harmonies, and adding innovative piano solos and interesting sound effects. In the studio, we laid down track after track, rarely having to redo any. We laid down all 14 tracks of my CD in about 8 days, with only an additional 2 days to edit and fine-tune the final product. Bob is an inspired musician with talent to spare.
Jason King